Speakers’ Bureau / HOPE Project

Due to recent funding cuts, BABES Network is no longer able to coordinate HIV+ speakers for the HOPE Project.  Fortunately, we still have speakers committed to sharing their personal stories in order to educate the public, combat stigma and stop the spread of HIV.

If you are a teacher in Seattle Public Schools, contact:

Helen Walsh at hwalsh@seattleschools.org to schedule a speaker for 5th grade students

Lisa Sharp at lmsharp@seattleschools.org to schedule a speaker for middle school students

Lisa Love at llove@seattleschools.org to schedule a speaker for high school students

For the general public,  contact:

the_staff@babesnetwork.org  and your request will be forwarded to the speakers. A speaker will get back to you to schedule a speaking engagement.

Speakers were compensated $50 per speaking engagement in the past.  This fee still applies although speakers are sometimes willing to donate their time.  BABES can no longer coordinate logistics including payments.