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Kelly, Pat, Barb, Mad Max, Joa and Jeannine pose for an HIV prevention bus ad.


What would it be like to meet other women living with HIV who have faced simliar challenges?  Most women are afraid to call for the first time for fear of someone finding out their status.  Confidentiality is key to our sisterhood.  Find out for yourself!

Most BABES events and activities are for HIV positive women only. However, we invite women to bring their children or other family members or friends to certain events. We also open up some activites to the members of our Co-ed Heterosexual support group. If you have any questions about attendance, please feel free to ask us!

Don’t believe us?  Take it from our members…

“It is a powerful experience to walk into a room of women knowing we all understand what it is to live with this virus”
“During our gatherings these special women have eased my pain with their personal stories. Their hope has become my hope. Their love has become my love. Their courage has become my courage” 
“I consider this group of women a blessing”
“My mommy goes to BABES and she feels better.”

At BABES, confidentiality is essential and we won’t share your information with anyone. By emailing us you’re acknowledging that it’s OK for us to reply to your message identifying ourselves as from the YWCA.

Call or email us to do a brief intake with one of our Peer Advocates:


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