Don’t give up on meds

Tina at the 2010 BABES Retreat

July 2010 

I first started taking meds about 16 years ago.  I had a good provider at the time and my regimen did not give me any side effects.  The only part that was hard was that I had to take the meds three times a day.  My provider moved to another state and I had to get a new provider.  She put me on a new regimen and was not concerned about the reactions my body was having to the medications. Because of this, I totally quit HIV medications.  My provider did not hear me out that I was having difficulty with the medications and rather than switch providers, I stopped taking meds.  I lost my faith and trust in my HIV doctors.

One year later, I was starting to get sick and found a new doctor.  I again was put on medication that was giving me bad side effects.  I tried to communicate with my doctor about this and my concerns about my liver and other health issues; he did not listen to me.  I was very concerned.  At this point I moved to Seattle and the BABES staff helped me find a wonderful provider. He was able to listen to me and understand my needs.  He changed my medications and all my side effects changed.  Having a wonderful provider and medications that didn’t give me side effects made me feel like I was in 7th heaven.  I knew that I was being heard and that my health was being taken care of.

It’s such a big change to have a great doctor.  If you are having troubles with your provider, find a better physician.  You need a provider and medication that works for you.  Don’t give up!