Cassandra’s piece for Positive Dreams

Member testimonial prepared for Theater for Development project 



My name is Cassandra I am 43 years old, and I am HIV positive.

Oh, the time I’ve had figuring out what I should tell you.  My story is not like most.  It’s not pretty.  But I do want to try to tell you who I am.  This has caused me great turmoil, because it’s ever changing.  I stand before you a broken woman again.  Measuring up, I haven’t. 

But without breaking out in a course of cheers, let me tell you about an amazing place.  It’s amazing because of the women.  What individually the collective whole can do. 

I’m on the street, with no place to call home.  But there are the BABES women who support me.  It’s a place to meet at, where I won’t be thrown out. 

But most importantly, I can find a friend there.  They’re amazing, because it’s a safe place where women really care.  A gentle touch. A great big hug.  A tear shed for me.  Silence when words seem like daggers.  And time, these women make time for me.  They show me love and acceptance.  No matter what, they make sure I’m clothed, not cold.  They fill my heart with care.

So please get tested and support BABES, so they can continue to support women like me. 

I’m clean and sober today with 31 T-cells, and that’s because someone cared, someone from BABES loved me.  Because of them, I’m still here.

Cassandra wrote this piece for the 2007 Positive Dreams: Stories from our sisterhood production which was performed at Central Cinema in Seattle, WA.  Caroline E. Brown, MA, facilitated the 9 week process and performance.