Volunteer Opportunities


Interested in making a difference in the lives of other positive women?  We are recruiting peer supporters to volunteer their time to provide support group facilitation, one on one peer support over the phone or in person and do event reminder calls.   Here are some things to consider before you become a peer advocate:

  • Do you have support in your life?  If you volunteer as a peer supporter, you will be the supporter and may need to find other resources such as friends, family to support you through your own challenges.
  • Peer Advocate readiness worksheet pdf : Filling this out may help you think about whether or not you’re ready to support other women living with HIV
  • Join our Advisory Board membership committee!  This group of dynamic women helps ensure that women are connected and we’re reaching more women in the community who might not know about BABES.

For more information about these volunteer opportunities, contact us at 206.720.5566.

We also have open volunteer opportunities for the general community including massage therapists, meal preparers and newsletter preparers.  Your time and energy will make a positive difference in the lives of women living with HIV and their families.  To learn more about volunteering at BABES Network-YWCA, visit www.ywcaworks.org.