Peer Leadership

Mary Ruth and Mad Max at the 2007 Lotus Training - a collaboration between Center for Health Training, WORLD and BABES Network.


At BABES, we believe that it’s essential that postive women’s voices are heard, not spoken for.  Ours is a sustaining sisterhood that continues to lift up positive leaders and as such, we provide trainings and opportunities for women to mentor and support other positive women, practice self advocacy, influence policies and make a difference in their community.

Leadership Trainings and Retreats
Trainings will be conducting in partnership with local and national organizations such as the U.S. Positive Women’s Network.  Much of the Peer Advocate positions’ responsibilities are based in recruiting and assisting with the leadership trainings, while still providing information and referrals to women living with HIV/AIDS.

Mentorship and Volunteer Activities
Did meeting another positive woman help you move forward in your diagnosis?  Would you like to provide that same peer support and education for other women?  Have some free time on your hands?  Consider volunteering as a peer at BABES.   More information and guidenlines are available on our Volunteer Opportunities page.