Where does your money go?

In 2010 BABES’ four part-time peer counselors provided peer support and education to over 320 women living with HIV and affected family members.  Over 85 percent of the women served by BABES are low income and the majority face other life challenges, including caring for children, housing instability and domestic violence.  Fifty-five percent of the women served by BABES are women of color.

Financial gifts to BABES Network-YWCA help women move forward in their HIV diagnosis so that they can live long, healthy lives.  As a program of the YWCA, BABES is able to focus on providing effective direct services, such as peer-based leadership opportunities and services for women living with HIV/AIDS.  Each financial gift you make to BABES is leveraged by the YWCA’s annual fund investment in the BABES program, volunteer time of committed BABES supporters, and other foundation grants.  By being a financial supporter of BABES, you truly are part of a larger, dynamic community.

Please consider giving today by visiting or mailing your contribution to 1118 Fifth Ave, Seattle, WA 98101.

With your help we can continue to represent and serve the needs of HIV positive women in Washington State.