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Retreat Reflections 2013

30 Aug

The Fall newsletter is stories from women that attended the Annual BABES Retreat in July. Thank you to the ladies for sharing your stories with us. 34 HIV positive women and 10 staff and volunteers had a great weekend out on Vashon Island. We enjoyed the beautiful weather, some HIV education and self care workshops, karaoke, arts and crafts as well as canoeing! We can’t wait for next year!!

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Here’s a sneak peek at one of the articles from the newsletter:

Going on the BABES Leadership Retreat in July was a step in the right direction. Spending the weekend in a relaxing environment with other women facing the same challenges was just what I needed. The most inspirational moment for me was the closing circle. We were asked to choose something we wanted to get rid of to throw into an imaginary fire, and to pick something we wanted to take away with us…….. To view the full newsletter click here.




Its that time of year for the Seattle AIDS Walk! Join the Howlin’ BABES team on Saturday, September 28th at 9am in volunteer park to raise awareness and money for the many programs Lifelong AIDS Alliance provides to people living with HIV in our community!

Summer, here we come!

11 Jun

Welcome, Tranisha!


Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Tranisha, our new Peer Advocate! Tranisha has been a BABE  for many years and she started as a Peer Advocate on June 4th. We are very excited to have Tranisha’s energy and enthusiasm around the BABES office!


Talk with Timothy Ray Brown


There are two exciting opportunities for HIV+ people to talk with the Berlin Patient, Timothy Ray Brown! Brown, the only person reportedly cured of HIV, will be at two events that are designed to provide HIV+ people with a safe and comfortable environment for discussion.

Wednesday, June 19th
11:30am Lifelong AIDS Alliance (Lunch)
2pm Madison Clinic/ACTU, Harborview (Afternoon Tea)

RSVP is required! Call 206.744.3184 to reserve your spot ASAP.

There is also a panel discussion moderated by KING 5’s Margaret Larson at Seattle University’s Piggott Building on Wednesday, June 19th, from 6:00pm-8:30pm. No RSVP required.


Annual BABES Retreat Sign-Up


The annual BABES retreat is July 12-14th!
Join us for a weekend of relaxation, community-building, and fun!

Applications are due June 21st. To request an application,
email or call:, 206.720.5566


Women of Africa Gathering and Lunch


Saturday, June 22nd
1-3pm at the BABES Office
Call or email Brenda for more details:
206.720.5566 x7 or

New Beginnings, Spring 2013 Newsletter!

8 May

BABES Peer Advocate Kelly Hill shares her wisdom on new beginnings this spring:

“Whether it is for our mental, physical, or emotional well-being, making
positive changes in our lives can be challenging.  We are smarter,
stronger, and more capable than we often give ourselves credit for.  We
deserve to be happy, and to live the lives we want.  I encourage you all
to think about a change you would like to make in your life and go for
it.  It doesn’t have to be a huge change, but something that will help
make your life a little better.  It helps to have people in your life who
support the changes you want to make. Confiding in a friend, support group, or
family member can help ensure you are successful in bringing about the new
beginnings you want.  Allow yourself to grow and blossom.  It’s never
too late.”

To read more, see our spring newsletter!

BABES Annual Leadership Retreat

for HIV+ Women

July 12-14th

Vashon Island, WA.

Join us for a weekend of education, sisterhood, canoeing and self-care.

$50 registration fee, scholarships are available.

To request and application please call us at 206-720-5566

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