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Over coming Challenges in 2015!

1 Feb

The BABES Talking Winter Newsletter topic is Overcoming Challenges in 2015. We asked BABES members to share with us how they dealt with adversity in their life in 2015 and what they did to overcome those challenges.


Wake up Call!

There were many adversities this past 2015 year; both internal and external. As we are all aware; having a chronic condition comes with its challenges and adversity. I am not immune to this.

The two challenges that affect me the most are: chronic acute pain and depression. When you think of it; they mirror each other. One does not experience the pain without looking at the depression. The hopelessness and despair of managing it daily becomes a balancing act. Holding down full time employment, being a mother, grandmother, sibling, daughter, and friend, and having a social life can be most exhausting. Also, being the go-to person in most of my relationships has its rewards as well as its adversities. This equals total melt down.

Early November, I hit a wall. I had headaches for four days, insomnia, and severe back pain. It was as if everyone and everything was coming at me requesting a favor, a task, a deadline, and it all had to be accomplished NOW. Oh My Gosh! I just couldn’t say NO! No one else can get it done, no one knows how to do it like me! So I thought…..NOT! My body decided to do an intervention. It decided, “Okay, if you don’t take care of yourself, I will do it for you.” After suffering for three days, on the fourth day, my blood pressure was 220/190. Long story short, I ended up in the ER. Diagnosis – Severe Hypertension.

Wake up call.

Needless to say I was exhausted, depressed, and felt like I had let everyone down, as well as myself. I decided with my doctor’s advice to take some much-needed time off from work and to continue counseling. Most of all, and extremely necessary, I made a conscious choice to Take Care of ME!

Peace and Love,

Pat B.


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BABES is Hiring!

20 Jan

Lead Case Manager – BABES #16-0108

LOCATION: Seneca – 1118 5th Ave. Seattle, WA 98101

REPORTS TO: BABES Program Manager


BABES Network-YWCA is a peer leadership program for women and families affected by HIV, a sisterhood of women facing HIV together. BABES promotes self-empowerment, reduces isolation, enhances quality of life and serves the needs of women living with HIV and their families through peer support, advocacy, education and outreach.

The Lead Case Manager will provide non-medical case management services to people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) by phone or in person. They will work closely with the Program Manager to coach peer staff to maintain effective program structures and systems related to Non-Medical Case Management activities and lead programmatic compliance activities.

This position has a social justice component that will allow for critical thinking around how the external systems impact the work that we are doing through the lens of racism and intersections with poverty. Valuing diversity and championing anti-racism policy are core values. As an equal opportunity employer, we highly encourage people of color to apply.


  • Provide intensive one-on-one, client-centered, harm reduction encounters, by phone and in person primarily outside of the office- going to their home or other meeting locations
  • Serve as an appointment partner for clients, helping PLWH get to appointments, preparing for appointments, attending the appointment and debriefing afterwards
  • Delegate and monitor caseloads for peer advocates
  • Assist with EIP renewals, Collecting eligibility documentation necessary for Ryan White contracts
  • Lead case conferencing and with BABES staff and provide individual coaching as needed
  • Establish and manage client eligibility tracking system
  • Keep accurate records of services provided and track data on all client encounters in CareWare database for NMCM progress and fiscal reporting
  • Support healthy behaviors and attitudes among BABES’ multi-cultural membership with active listening, strength-based counsel, education and modeling
  • Respond to provider referrals and self-referred women to provide welcoming service entry point for newly diagnosed or those re-entering the care system
  • Work with co-workers to develop an effective team to fulfill BABES Network mission.
  • Support BABES Program Manager by reviewing and adapting program materials and reports to funders
  • Provide resources and referrals to women living with HIV/AIDS including food, housing and transportation assistance, medical care and case management

To view the full job description follow this link

World AIDS Day is today!

1 Dec







BABES is a place where women can share personal stories, feel safe to express emotions, and be heard in an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and encouragement.

If I’m angry, I can feel angry. If I need a shoulder to cry on, I’ve got one at BABES. It’s a place where we support each other.

I love helping other people; and by doing so, I strengthen and empower myself. Thank you BABES for giving me a voice!


2015 holiday appeal photo

Dear BABES supporter,

Your support of BABES Network – YWCA means a lot to women like Serena. She was still healing from breast cancer and a double mastectomy when she found out she was HIV positive.

Now Serena is facing her ‘new normal’ with the same courage and determination that she battled cancer. Thanks to you, she doesn’t have to face HIV alone.

Positive women still need nurturing, encouragement, intimacy, and consolation, especially during difficult times. The BABES support group brings together women in the same situation, and for me, they help fill a void. My BABES are my biggest cheerleaders.

BABES is the only program of its kind in our community, ensuring that women living with HIV and their families are connected to a strong network of friends, advocates, and healthcare providers.

December 1st is World AIDS Day. We hope you’ll commemorate this day with us by wearing a red ribbon, and supporting BABES like Serena.

Your gift of $25 or more can help turn one woman’s despair into resolve. Your support can remind a woman living with HIV that she can still fall in love, have a meaningful career, create lasting friendships, and live a full life.

Thank you for keeping BABES in your thoughts, today and always.

Warmest wishes,


Nicole Price


Please consider making your gift today, by donating online at Be sure to designate BABES as the recipient, and thank you for your support!


Annual Harvest Dinner!

30 Oct

Annual Harvest Dinner - 2015

Happy Fall and Thank you!

29 Sep


Stella Steps Out was a huge success this year. We raised over $55,000 which goes directly to support women living with HIV that BABES serves. We would like to thank everyone that attended; our sponsors, our amazing Emcee Sister Glo Euro N’Wei and especially our Stella Steps Out committee: Caroline Brown, Amelia Vader, Jaimie Laitinen, Jackie Leone-Pleasant, Sarah Kent, Pat Migliore and Nicole Price, you all made this event successful!


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