Our Staff


Nicole Price, Program Manager

I have been working for BABES for 10 years as a Peer Counselor/Event Coordinator and am honored to be the Program Manager for such an amazing program for the last 3 years. BABES  is not just any job – the sisterhood and the comfort from understanding this disease together is beyond anything I can put into words. I have been living with HIV since 2000 and am passionate about working with women and children affected by HIV. I have attended some amazing trainings over the years that have made me more aware of the importance of Advocacy and Leadership for women living with HIV in our community. Through AIDS Alliance for children youth and families I  attended the VOICES Conference twice and also a graduated the 2010 Consumer Leadership Training Program. I have met many wonderful and inspiring Advocates across the country  during NAPWA conferences, Lotus Peer trainings and speakers’ trainings through Gilead Sciences.  I love to dance and my favorite foods are Mexican and Italian. Cheers!


kellypicKelly Hill, Peer Advocate

My name is Kelly, and I was diagnosed with HIV in 2000.  I was employed at BABES from 2005-2011, and now I am back as a part-time Peer Advocate.  It’s great to be back!  I’m so happy to be reconnecting with everyone, and to be meeting new BABES members as well.  I truly believe that connecting with other women living with HIV/AIDS has had an amazingly positive impact on me.  I have grown tremendously since first getting involved with BABES, and I recognize what a large part this sisterhood has played in helping me become the person I am today.  Outside of my role at BABES I am a student working on my MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I also am a mother to an amazing little boy.  I have a loving and supportive partner, and a great group of friends.  It’s amazing how much life has improved since first getting diagnosed!  I look forward to connecting with you all. Please feel free to give me a call or stop by the office.  Hope to hear from you soon!




Tranisha Arzah, Peer Advocate

I have been living with HIV for 24 years since birth and lost several family members to AIDS complications. I have been working as an Peer Advocate for a little over a year now. This first year has been unbelievably amazing and has excelled my love for advocacy and supporting other HIV positive woman. I have also been a member for a little over four years now. Since given my position as Peer Advocate at BABES-Network YWCA I have been part of many wonderful events, retreats, educational trainings and support groups. These opportunities have meant everything to me and have made me a better person, advocate and HIV positive woman. I am privileged that I get to work with such gifted coworkers and be part of the BABES sisterhood.