Spring Newsletter: Bodily Autonomy

4 May


The Importance of Bodily Autonomy
As a woman living with HIV, I have the right to control what happens to my body, to live with dignity and respect despite where I come from. I desire to live free from stigma and discrimination due to my HIV status, race or gender. Globally, Women living with HIV have to contend with intimate partner violence, institutionalized violence and other forms of violence. There is a link between violence against women and reduced access to treatment, care and support. I have been treated for Posttraumatic Stress disorder and I was coercively sterilized due to my status- these affected my desired health outcome.

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BABES Movie Matinee

BABES is hosting a movie matinee for BABES members and their families at the BABES office on May 27 from 3-5pm. Come join us for a fun afternoon complete with refreshments!

retreat art

2017 Annual Leadership Retreat

It’s that time of year again! BABES is preparing for it’s annual retreat, July 28-30. We will be mailing out the applications on May 23. If would like an application please call us at 206-720-5566 or email the_staff@babesnetwork.org to let us know. Space is limited and is first come, first serve! Applications are due by June 23 and we will notify you by July 7.





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