Winter 2013

9 Jan

Happy New Year from BABES Network-YWCA!

BABES is off to a wonderful new year! We found out that we will receive Ryan White Part A funding which will keep us fully staffed and our services will remain the same for the next year. We are so excited to be able to keep providing the very important services we offer to our BABES members! Thanks to all of those in the community that continue to support us and acknowledging that Peer Support really makes a difference in the health and well-being of women living with HIV!



I love someone living with HIV!

The Winter 2013 BABES Talking Newsletter Newsletter topic was a little different than usual.

We decided to here from the family members and partners of BABES members about what its like to have someone you love living with HIV.

Meet Elaine, Brooke Davidoff’s mother and read her story!

I am a parent of a Babe. My name is Eileen and Brooke Davidoff is my Babe. When I was first told by Brooke of her diagnosis I hardly knew what to do. My husband (her dad) and I had just recently separated and he was the first person that I called. We struggled with this news together and were both close to tears. She was pregnant with her first baby and the implications to us were enormous.  To make matters worse, we were in Southern California and she was living in Seattle Washington, so we couldn’t run to her and hold her and comfort her or she us, as by that time she had gotten “used” to the news and we were just hearing it.

Over time, Brooke learned a lot about HIV from her childhood friend Sean, also living in Seattle, also living with HIV. He is the person that she actually called first and he is the one who gave her limitless information. She found a fabulous OB GYN to see her through her pregnancy. She found a support group (BABES). She found other women who shared her diagnosis. She started to take her meds. She had to have her baby via C-section to protect him and could not breast feed. She did so well. To read the full story check out the Winter 2013 BABES Talking Newsletter……




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